Ban the Tan – Effective Detan Treatments for your skin

Ban the Tan – Effective Detan Treatments for your skin

Ban the Tan – Effective Detan Treatments for your skin

Every summer we dream of wearing more open & breezy outfits in order to beat the heat, but are often forced to cover up so as to prevent the damaging effects of the harsh sun on our skin. No matter how hard you try, getting a tan is an inseparable part of the summer which you cannot avoid even after applying sunscreen daily.

That’s why at About Face we have designed different detan treatments based on Indian skin types and the intensity of the tan to help keep your skin fresh and glowing:


This treatment uses tiny crystals or a diamond tip to gently exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells. This process helps create channels within the skin layer that enables easy absorption of the peels and infusion of Vitamin C (through mesoporation). The procedure provides clear, smoother and brighter skin.

Watch the video below to learn more from our dermatologist, Dr. Bhumika Adhia, about the benefits and procedure of our Microdermabrasion detan treatment.

Detan Peels

Derma peels are suitable for all skin types and help get rid of tan and skin darkening. Peels achieve this result by removing the dead skin cells, thereby creating new skin cells. This treatment is also accompanied by the infusion of antioxidant serums to offer you the best possible skin you can imagine.

Q-Switched Laser

The FDA-approved Q-switched laser is the answer to all your uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation woes. This highly safe procedure is recommended for treating unwanted pigmentation on Indian skin.

The Q-switch laser creates a beam of light which targets the brown pigment (melanin) in the dark spot without affecting the surrounding skin. The pigment absorbs the laser energy, gets fragmented and later removed by the body, resulting in a smooth and even skin tone.

The main advantage of this laser is that it’s able to reach even those layers of skin where products or peels cannot. Usually 5-8 sessions are needed to achieve the desired result.

Brightening Mask

All our detan treatments are finished with the application of the About Face brightening and whitening mask. It provides an instant brightening effect by breaking down the melanin pigment in your skin.

Struggling with tanning of your skin tone this summer? With no side effects and zero downtime, About Face can help you achieve a significantly reduced tan and even tone skin in a few minutes. Book an appointment with us for a free consultation.

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