Discover the Benefits of Glutathione – The Master Antioxidant

Discover the Benefits of Glutathione – The Master Antioxidant

Discover the Benefits of Glutathione – The Master Antioxidant

In recent years, “antioxidant” has become quite the buzzword, especially among health enthusiasts. It is vital in improving the body’s performance — it neutralises free radicals, reduces inflammation, boosts immunity and curbs the damage of cells. Free radicals are also responsible for ageing, which is why antioxidants are great at combating several major diseases. One of the most powerful antioxidants known to us is glutathione. In fact, it has been nicknamed as the “master antioxidant”.

Every single cell in your body produces glutathione, making it a significant component in the detoxification of the body. A high-stress routine, so common to all of us, zaps your body of this critical antioxidant. Boosting its level in the body through supplements can continue to keep your body resilient, young and fit.

What exactly is glutathione?

Glutathione is a sulphur containing molecule that occurs naturally in the body and is made from three different amino acids – L-glutamine, L-cysteine and L-glycine. It has several benefits for the human body

  • It protects the body against inflammation
  • It boosts the body’s immunity
  • It protects the body from toxins, pathogens and inflammation
  • The right level of glutathione in the body protects the gut, the cardiovascular system, its fat burning ability, the vision and the brain function

How does glutathione work as a skin-lightening agent?

The role of glutathione as a skin-lightening agent was an accidental discovery. Skin lightening was noticed as a side effect to large doses of glutathione. The ratio of the two different types of melanin found in skin, black-brown coloured eumelanin and yellow-red pheomelanin, determines the skin colour. An increased proportion of pheomelanin is associated with lighter skin colour. Glutathione converts melanin to a lighter colour and deactivates the enzyme tyrosinase, which helps produce the pigment. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation results in generation of excessive amounts of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species within the cells. Antioxidants partially reduce melanogenesis by suppressing these free radicals. Glutathione has been shown to scavenge ultraviolet radiation induced reactive oxygen species generated in epidermal cells.

How should glutathione supplements be used?

The three major routes of administration of glutathione used for skin lightening are topical (creams, face washes), oral (capsules and sublingual/buccal tablets) and intravenous injections. It is given along with vitamin C and other antioxidants. Skin lightening becomes evident after 3 to 6 months of oral intake and after 6-10 weeks of intravenous injections. As the glutathione levels fade, so do the effects, hence maintenance of skin tone requires regular intake. Though adverse effects such as skin rash, thyroid and renal dysfunction, abdominal pain are reported in various studies, it is extremely rare.


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