French Facial

French facials are the latest new trends in the skin aesthetic industry.  As the name suggests they are made in Brittany France. Balanced by nature, the sea is an extraordinary garden that holds home to an abundance of life forms; the sea is a medicinal marvel; the seaweed soaks up the water’s nutrients, using them to develop substances with extraordinary properties.  The laboratories in France carefully select and harvest the richest seaweeds, from the Iroise Sea, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. The seaweeds are processed within 24 hours following harvesting, preserving the extracted active ingredients strength. This unique know-how as a harvester enables us to preserve the original qualities of these precious plants and integrate them into new formulas.

The high concentrations of mineral salts, trace elements, vitamins, and amino acids found in our seaweeds imbue our products with the power to create beauty and well-being.

French Facials are Beauty from the heart of seaweeds.  French Facials are the latest and most popular facials. About Face Launched the French facials in the year 2018.

At About Face, our doctors analyze your skin and accordingly they decide the French facial combinations. French facials are suitable for all the skin types and they give long lasting results.  French facial help in clear complexion improves the skin tone, provides that instant glow. There is an anti-age and radiance facial that can prevent fine lines and wrinkles, tones and firms the face.   

The duration of the facial is 45mins to 1 hour.  You may experience mild redness post procedure which will settle down in some time.  Post-facial you will experience an instant glowing skin.

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