Tattoo Removal

tattoo-removalAbout Face offers Laser Tattoo Removal solution to remove tattoos and other forms of body ink by using lasers. The laser light breaks up the ink contained in a tattoo, thereby removing it.

Tattoos are often a personal statement but if you change your mind about a tattoo already engraved on your skin, opt for our tattoo removal procedure. We have designed the treatment to ensure that there is minimal discomfort to you. We use Q-switch laser machine from Tri Beam, thus ensuring that we offer you a state-of-the-art technology.

The laser light passes through the skin during the tattoo removal procedure and gets absorbed by the ink. The tattoo ink then breaks up into smaller particles, which is then eliminated by the body’s natural filtering systems. All types of tattoos can be removed by this procedure including colored tattoos.

The number of sessions required for the removal of a tattoo depends on person to person. Professional tattoos require 6-10 sessions, whereas amateur ones need 4-5 sessions, all spaced at an interval of 6-8 weeks. The factors that come to play in determining the number of treatments required to complete this procedure depend on the size and depth of the tattoo.

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